Just a few minutes ago, I changed my blog tagline to “Confessions of a 31-year-old anxiety queen…” 

Thirty-one!  I gracefully turned a year older Monday morning over a giant cinnamon crunch bagel, a chai latte and a birthday card from my dog thanking me for picking up his poop.  While it may not sound like much from my miniscule description, I actually had a wonderful birthday, complete with both homemade and store-bought gifts, surprises, and a lovely dinner out with my husband.

Some people prefer their birthdays not be a big deal.  But in telling people not to make a fuss, many of them are actually wallowing in their depression at having lived another year.  Imagine that!  Why be sad about inching closer to your life’s goals?  Why scoff at the wrinkles and grey hairs that show you’ve truly lived?  And why not indulge in the day where you’re made to feel special by all those who love you — and can eat your cake too?  I love birthdays and I think I’ll always prefer to celebrate. 

I’m not afraid to age.  I mean, I’d like to not age too fast, but hey, AARP is waiting, senior citizen discounts and early-bird specials await and I eagerly look forward to displaying a (preferably fresh) bowl of the best hard candies the grocery store has to offer:  root beer barrels, chocolate parfait Nips, dark coffee candies and those cinnamon/peppermint Starlight mints.  I’m also determined to prove that turning old does not mean your fashion sense has to wane.  Maybe I’ll be the first grandma to wear jeggings.  Er, scratch that.  I can’t even believe there’s an article of clothing with that name.  I’m just saying, I intend on shopping sales, clipping coupons, cooking, baking, going on outings, traveling, writing and taking classes for as long as I can because I enjoy life and each day I’m fortunate enough to talk to my parents, see my niece on Skype, walk my smug little dog and kiss my husband good night. 

If you’re afraid of getting older, don’t be.  There’s always a new Broadway show around the corner, a new television series premiere, a new restaurant opening down the street.  You might be in a rut, feeling sorry yourself — we all have these moments.  But even when these moments turn into days, weeks and months, flowers are blossoming, the sun is rising, chocolate chip cookies are being made and babies are being born.  I love living in a world with all of these things and I think birthdays are the perfect way to celebrate them all.