No longer shall I rack my brain trying unsuccessfully to describe those speedy, antennaed little buggers that show up in my bathrooms and laundry area.  After a quick Google search (and a lot of images that may now haunt my nightmares), I’ve discovered the official name of my arthropod arch nemeses:  house centipedes.  (shiver)

Well dudes, it’s been nice knowing you, but I regret to inform you that our time together must be cut short.  Apparently, house centipedes make their way in through cracks – of which I’ve found a few surrounding the piping of my toilets, in my bathroom corners, and of course, in my laundry area, where a water pipe was capped but never properly sealed, leaving cracks in the wall for dozens of these disgusting little villains to zip through.

I’ll be sealing as many of these cracks as possible – and crossing my fingers that this will do the trick.  The only part of getting rid of the house centipedes that gives me pause is the knowledge that apparently they feed on other insects.  Which of course means that I may be dealing with another insect battle in the weeks to come.  (whimper)

Until then, I leave you with this haunting, spitting image of the speedy demons – two of which I have smashed with Kleenex boxes in as many days.  I don’t consider myself a prejudiced person but…house centipedes, you are not wanted here.