I’m not sure what came over me.  But ever since seeing a couple of earwiggy bugs near my laundry, I’ve kind of assumed there’s more hiding within my pile of dirty clothes.  But laundry must get done, so I’ve been trying to suck it up, “be a man,” and just “put the lotion in the basket.”  Er, I mean the clothes.

Last night, however, I moved aside the laundry basket to grab a stray grey sock and instantly noticed a black mark hanging out on an old mesh basket.  And that little black mark had teeny tiny hair-like antennae.  “You’ve GOT to be kidding me,” I said out loud.  Though it hung vertically unmoving, I was 100% it was alive. 

I immediately abandoned Mission:  Grey Sock, shoved my laundry basket up against the bug and left the room.

Which, for a woman who slams most every insect to bits and pieces upon first sight, begs the question, why?  Was this me being brave, allowing the thing to stay in my house alive, knowing full well it could either jump out at me at another inopportune time or procreate?  Or was this me in utter avoidance mode, clinging sheepishly to my tail like the cowardly lion?

I think it’s probably a combination of both things.  I was barefoot at the time and didn’t have any of my weapons of choice on hand.  Plus I was sort of in denial and wanted to just forget I’d seen the little stinker.  And of course, there was an itty bitty part of me that thought maybe I was just imagining the antennae…maybe it was just a sock fuzz.  But I’m pretty dang sure it wasn’t.

So now what?  Do I actively go looking for it?  Or do I just forget about it until next time? 

Feel free to post your votes re: 

1.  Am I brave or cowardly?

2.  Should I go searching for any and all bugs hiding behind my laundry immediately and report back?


3.  Should I add a bug zapper to my holiday wish list?