I know, I know…after I emailed my family and friends and begged them to subscribe and read this blog, I totally dropped the ball and let my abnormally hectic week at work be my excuse not to write.  But in my defense, I was writing so much at work that the thought of turning on my laptop at home and massaging the QWERTY only made me wish it would turn the tables, become self-aware and offer to give me a much-needed shoulder rub.  I nearly forgot that this weekend was my second feardom-fighting adventure:  the Insect Zoo at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

On Friday, I emailed my museum contact to confirm my visit and coordinate my insect encounter.  Unfortunately, the brief digital conversation that ensued led me to believe that I might have trouble entering the establishment itself, much less the insect zoo.  I started doubting that my second challenge was even going to happen.  Which, in a way, diminished my anxiety leading up to today. 

I’m still pretty exhausted, and because I love a good suspense story, I’m going to leave you guessing as to what transpired.  But if you’re gambling folk, feel free to make a little wager by commenting on my blog with your answers to the below quiz:

Which of the following did I see at the museum today (or, for most of you, yesterday)?

A.  A child dressed in a fireman uniform

B.  Dinosaur skeletons

C.  Domino beetles

D.  A Shia LaBeouf lookalike performing as a nerdy professor in a dino puppet show

E.  All of the above

Which of the following did I have a close encounter with?

A.  Butterflies

B.  A tarantula

C.  A giant walking stick bug

D.  A scorpion

E.  A cockroach

F.  All of the above

Which of the following did I hold in my hand?

A.  A giant African millipede

B.  A beetle

C.  A child’s hand

D.  A map

E.  All of the above

Stay tuned to find out!