What is frozen stiff, has at least 8 legs and is posing for a picture with its eyes closed?  Me, on August 14th, as I embark on my next Feardom Fighting adventure by holding a fearsome critter in my hands at a local insect zoo.

Okay, so I realize I may be disappointing some of you by not rising to the challenge and parachuting from an airplane, bungee jumping from a bridge or scaling Mount Everest, but must I remind you that this is ME we’re talking about???  I’m pure poultry; 100% chicken through and through.  And though it may make me lose readers by admitting the following, I must assure you that I will:

A.  Never, ever, EVER jump from a plane unless my life depends on it

B.  Never find myself leaping from any platform if I’m solely connected to the equivalent of a giant rubber band that could snap at any minute


C.  Never turn into a thrill seeker

It’s just not me. 

So why would I allow a giant beetle, fuzzy tarantula or multi-legged millipede to crawl onto my skin?  Well, for one thing, I’ll be in a controlled situation.  A gallery interpreter will be there to tell me anything I want to know about the insect, arachnid, or whatever else they’ll let me touch before we are officially introduced.  As I’m sure they don’t want a lawsuit, there’s no way they’ll let me hold anything that could actually poison or hurt me (at least that’s my assumption).  And, as you may recall, the whole point of my blog is to face my fears.  So while ziplining may have seemed a death-defying stunt, feeling the tiny legs of an insect skitter across my life line is an even scarier nightmare…though it will also probably make me feel more invincible than ever before.