My husband did not take the hint.  However, we both agreed that if I make it through ziplining today, my reward is Baskin Robbins, which I probably like even more than Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked.  So every step of the way today, I’ll be doin’ it for the ice cream, mint or regular chocolate chip.  Mmmmmmm….

You can blame my pooch for waking me up so early.  Every morning, weekday or weekend, I’m awakened before 7 am by a cacophony of sounds, from ear flapping to tags jingling, sneezing, sniffing, scratching, moaning, and occasionally a cold nose to the face.  This morning was no different.

I fed the dog, then decided to make my first pee run of the day when I encountered one of my least favorite creepy-crawlies:  a tiny, fast-moving multi-legged creature.  Ok, seriously?  Who is planting these things in my path?  Is this some sort of test? 

I’m surprised my husband didn’t wake up because it took about 10 tries for me to smack the crap out of it with my weapon of choice, the trusty ol’ shoe, while taunting it with words like, “you think you can get away?  Come on, you little sh*t.  You’re mine.  MINE!”

Maybe if I take this approach to ziplining, I’ll pull through with – pun entirely intended – flying colors. 

“You think you can scare me, zip line?  You think you can win?  You can’t beat me!  I’m unstoppable!”