Today I learned that two of my closest friends are going to be rappelling from a 16-story building for charity on October 29th.  Wow.  I mean, wow.  Way to one-up my adventures in ziplining, guys.

Here’s the catch – they’ve each got to raise $1,000 to support the Special Olympics before then. 

Normally, I wouldn’t ask people for money – coupons, definitely – unless I was the one doing the fundraising, and I wholeheartedly thank those of you who have supported me in both AIDS Walk LA and Kickin’ Cancer for the Lynne Cohen Foundation in the past.  I am however asking you to show your support for other people.  But these aren’t just any people.

If you were at my wedding, you’ll recognize Mitch as that hilarious guy who agreed to swear an oath, become Deputy Commissioner for a day and marry us.  You’ll also recognize Kim as the adoring wife he accidentally dropped on the dance floor while pregnant (don’t worry, we’re pretty sure the only reason their son came out polka dotted and speaking German is that he’s a genius).  These wonderful friends are some of the most generous, welcoming and thoughtful people I know, my family away from home.

I’ve fundraised before for charities, but I’ve never made my goal more than $250.  And why, you ask?  Out of fear I wouldn’t achieve my goal.  But my fearless friends are aiming for $2,000 and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be Spiderman.  I mean, how cool is that???

Plus, the opportunity to offer such an amazing charity this much money, particularly at a time when fundraising efforts are so focused on overseas natural disasters is admirable.  Not that you shouldn’t donate to the people of Haiti, Japan, New Zealand and wherever the latest tragic incident happens to occur.  I really and truly don’t mean to downplay the Red Cross or the people in these countries who are still suffering.  Heck, I’ve donated to them myself!  But sometimes we forget about the incredible organizations that are closer to home. 

So dearest family and friends, as I am not doing any fundraising of my own this year, won’t you please help my friends reach their goal?

If $25 is too much, or even $5 is too much, I’m happy to collect dollar bills by mail, because any dollar you send me is one more dollar that will help a special needs child pursue a goal, fight a fear, be a hero, and accomplish things that the rest of us can only dream of.

My husband and I plan to be there in October to cheer Mitch and Kim on.  I’ll be the one flinching from behind a pair of sweaty palms, a warm puddle slowly forming beneath me, because if anything happened to our friends, I’d be pretty darn heartbroken.

If all you can offer right now is your verbal support, please comment on today’s blog and I’ll be sure to pass your well wishes on!